The annual tax obligation for the majority of Greek citizens is the tax return. Even though in most cases it is not a complicated procedure, there are often small or big errors, particularly on important issues concerning assets, resulting in your unnecessary charging. Why risking making a mistake that can cost you in retrospect when you can rely on our expertise that assures a correct result per case?

It is no coincidence that we are pioneers in this field.

We offer:

  • Electronic Submission of your tax return to the TAXIS system.
  • Print your notice of tax assessment.
  • If necessary, we process your issues at the tax office in charge (for example submission of additional statements from previous years).
  • Submit E9 forms (for changing your assets of the previous year) and E2 (for those who collect rents).
  • Advice on how to handle statements and asset and funds-source declarations in order to avoid additional taxes

Keep in mind that it is better if your tax return is handled by experts!