Our office offers an important service to employees of the private sector. The multilateral labor legislation is made primarily for the institutionalization of specific rules concerning the relationship between the employer and the employee and mainly to protect the employee. However its ambiguity brings the exact opposite result. Employers exploit this to their advantage, simply because the majority of employees are not aware of the established basic employment rights. Here we come to change this. We provide proper and full updating so that every employee is fully aware on their earnings but also on all their rights.

We offer:

  • Control of your salary based on the current collective agreement in your field and specialization, also considering the benefits you are entitled.
  • Control of your contributions, the number and type of stamps.
  • Advice on issues of redundancy and respective compensation.
  • Tips on grievances in the services of IKA (social security organization) and Labor Inspection Services or even with your direct representation to ensure accrued salaries or social security contributions.
  • Advice on any specialized labor issue that may concern you, like schedule changes issues, days off, overtime, maternity and childbirth leave, specific labor rights.

Each employee has certain rights and is entitled to particular protection by the law. Their appropriate assertion requires our tips!